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Our Story...

     L.J. Hand Farm Center, Inc. was started 44 years ago in 1967 by Lynwood J. Hand.  Initially, the store was dedicated as a tractor and machinery supply store as well as seed, feed, and fertilizer business.  With more and more people discovering they can buy parts and supplies at discount prices, Mr. Hand decided he needed more room for those items and eliminated the seed, feed, and fertilizer business.  As business increased Mr. Hand added a fifth-wheel mobile store to service farmers within a 15-mile radius.

     In 1984 Mr. Hand moved the business to its present location on the family farm in the Village of Glen (Fultonville, New York).  Mr. Hand has been dedicated to the farming industry his entire life.  He has a wealth of knowledge that is virtually unequaled and is well respected for it.  After moving, the business he expanded once again adding yet another mobile store unit.  The mobile store unit served the area until recent years when it was no longer cost effective due to the economy.

     The store continues to thrive and is now expanding once again with the new addition of this website and “The Farmer’s Wife.”  After serving the farmers for so many years, we have decided to dedicate an area within the store specifically geared toward the farmer’s wife or women in general.  This is a new chapter in the L.J. Hand Saga and we are excited to offer products both in store as well as via the internet.  We hope you will come back to visit us again and again as we add more and more item to this newest section of the L.J. Hand Harm Center, Inc. 

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